Lowercase is a unique place to chill, study, work and connect with others.

We provide free wifi, good music, specialty coffee and quality food all day long.

Community Efforts

We hope to continue to build up both our community within
Lowercase and around us. 

One recent initiative we launched to support this is our 10% artist gratuity.

We plan to steward these funds to support both the performance artists who grace our space, as well as our craft team that works behind the scenes to bring life to our space daily.

We appreciate your support, and look forward to forming more collaborations as well as helping more artists through this fund.

2019 Community Highlights

1. Lowercase “Hello” Week Giveaways  & Hello Party
2. LaSalle Jazz Open Mics

3. "Tuesdays" with Colours Global
4. Tesugir Batik Art Project

5. Selegie House Project 
6. Lowercase Craft Team Retreat